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If you are searching for legal assistance pertaining to your Amazon seller account, look no further. Our Amazon seller lawyers assist in providing comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of Amazon sellers. Whether you require assistance with account suspensions, intellectual property infringement claims, brand protection, business law matters or other legal/compliance issues related to selling on Amazon, we are here to help. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of Amazon’s policies and can provide expert guidance to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact us today to discuss your case and find out how we can support you in navigating the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace.

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About Our Firm

As Amazon seller lawyers, our law firm represents Amazon sellers with Amazon related matters such as Amazon account suspensions, ASIN suspensions, intellectual property infringement disputes, private label brand protection, and business law matters.

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Amazon Account Suspensions

We have faced countless Amazon issues. If your Amazon account was suspended, you will likely need a plan of action for reinstatement. We know what Amazon is looking for and we have the experience needed to reactivate Amazon accounts for our clients.

Amazon Listing / ASIN Suspensions

The Amazon appeal process can be very tedious and frustrating. Amazon may suspend your listing for many different reasons. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into your account to ascertain the reason for the suspension.

Defending Intellectual Property Infringement Claims on Amazon

Did you receive an intellectual property complaint? If someone accused you of infringing on their trademark, copyright or patent, you should seek an experienced Amazon seller lawyer immediately.

Amazon Brand Protection

Is someone selling counterfeit versions of your products? Or selling your branded protects without permission? We assist in aggressive brand protection services to remove hijackers from your Amazon listings.

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