Trademark Services

Trademark law governs the use of a device (including a word, phrase, symbol, product shape, or logo) by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its goods and to distinguish those goods from those made or sold by another.

A mark is infringed under U.S. trademark law when another person uses a mark which causes confusion as to the source or sponsorship of the goods involved. Aggressively protecting your marks with federal registration in the USPTO is vital to the success of your brand.

We can file and prosecute trademark registration applications before the USPTO and we can defend our clients’ trademark applications and registrations in oppositions and cancellations before USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

We can help our clients with a plethora of other trademark-related matters including negotiating and drafting license, co-existence, consent, and other agreements. We also defend parties accused of trademark infringement on ecommerce platforms.

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