Amazon Account Suspensions

We have faced countless Amazon issues. If your Amazon account was suspended, you will likely need a plan of action for reinstatement.

Typically, a plan of action will require 3 components:

(1) root cause of the issue
(2) corrective actions to resolve the issue at hand
(3) preventive measures to ensure the issue does not happen again in the future.

We know what Amazon is looking for and we have the experience needed to reinstate Amazon accounts for our clients.

Amazon seller accounts are terminated for several different reasons. The most common include complaints for:

  • inauthentic goods
  • used products sold as new
  • items that may be unsafe
  • high order defect rates
  • late shipments
  • restricted products
  • drop-shipping
  • review manipulation
  • forged/manipulated documents
  • related accounts
  • section 3 seller code of conduct
  • intellectual property infringement

The content of the plan of action will be vital in determining the likelihood of success. We can assist your business in following Amazon’s frequent policy changes and help prepare concise plans of action to reinstate your account.